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Esprit De Corps “Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.” – Sachin Tendulkar Time and again our country has produced legends that have captured the world of sports. These homegrown champions continue to be an inspiration for us. Sports are an important aspect of students’ education in today’s times. The focus is on holistic development where they learn in class and on the field. Sports make you f...
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To make positive inroads into the environs a proactive approach has to be adopted. It is with this philosophy the institution marches ahead. Today Education not only means just literacy but much beyond that. The work culture of the school is mirrored through its students who are confident,assured and ready to take on any challenges that come in...
The aim of education is learning –creating that spark in children to yearn for knowledge .Competition is important but secondary to the quest for knowledge .It is this that we endeavor to provide with a holistic and child centric environment. Parents are a back bone of learning –they are the living examples every child wants to foll...
In this fast changing world we need to strike a balance between adapting to change and holding on the values of our society .Roots are to allow us to grow yet keep our feet firmly on the ground and the school endeavors to provide that stable platform for the growth of our children. I wish all of you success in all your endeavors. Piyush Bisht (...