PRATAP HOUSE conducted special assembly on 2ndOct 2020 on the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Assembly was conducted on line beautifully. Through various dance postures the student of various classes named Piyali 10TH,Zehi 9TH,Nikita 8TH,Sonakshi 9TH,Sneha 12TH,Harshita 8TH,Bhumika 10TH, depicted the life of Gandhi ji with their impressive dance posture ,song and music” maati pukre”. Kunal 12th B and Vanshika 11th D conducted and synchronize the event in a systematic manner. In Hindi an inspiring poem was recited by Nandnee 10th A, expressing the importance of Gandhian thoughts in present day scenario. English poem was recited by Sagnik Sarkar of 8th.One student of class 8th participated in the quiz and prepared the quiz on the life and events on the life of Mahatma. A beautiful on the spot painting was made by Manisha showing the true picture of Gandhi . Many students participated in play showing various events on the life of Gandhiji - Ranjan Mishra 11f,Yartharth 11f,Riya Singh 8th f, Ritin Yadav 8f,Sarvesh 7th A, Garima 7f,Kaushik7f played impressive role on life of Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Various movements by Gandhi was played by Sohender Singh9th C, Quotes by Gandhi like” You must be the change you wish to see in the world” ,” the best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others.” by Rohan 9th C.The event was concluded with the beautiful song “ Sabarmati ke lal.” Video was beautifully edited by mrs Anurita and mrs Chitranshi. HOUSE MASTER Mr.Arvind Bisht and Mrs Bhagirathi


Diwali 2020

ASHOKA HOUSE WISHES YOU HAPPY DIWALI Online Diwali Assembly was celebrated on 14th November and the students of Ashoka House presented a wonderful online video which was appreciated by all the parents, teachers and students. Their Mentors did a wonderful job. Students made videos of –how to make rangolies and candles. Poems were recited , dance was choreographed, songs were sung along with a short play depicting the eminence of good over evil demons that are clouding our minds and the rays of hope and positivity on the other hand that keep our spirits high.


Dussehra 2020

SHIVAJI HOUSE celebrated its first OnLine Dussehra assembly on 25th October 2020 with great fanfare The children participated with great zeal and fervour and displayed their talent in various ways. The assembly was conducted by Jannat of 11 D who presented the show with confidence. Enchanting dances ,English and Hindi poetry recitations, and an instrumental musical performance by budding artists of APS DC were presented by the students of Shivaji House. The highlight of the show was a satire presented by Chinmay and Yatharth who presented a modern interpretation of Dussehra in the form of a short skit .The artistry of the students was in full display through the beautiful mask making activity which added beauty and charm to the presentation. An article expressing the history behind the celebration of Dussehra along with meaningful and relevant thoughts was presented by the students of Shivaji House . The Audio Visual choreography added grace and charm to the presentation of the assembly


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