• APS functions Six days a week. It has a Primary Wing (Classes 1 to 5), a Secondary Wing (Classes 6 to 10) and a Senior Secondary Wing (Classes 11 and 12).The timings of all the wings are the same through out the year, from 07.30 hrs to 14.00 hrs.
  • The various subject combinations offered at the Senior Secondary level.
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PCMB (Science with Bio & Maths) English, Phy, Chem, Bio, Maths  
PCM (Science with Maths)

English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Optional Subject Comp Sc/Info Pract/Hindi/ Physical Edn 
PCB (Science without Maths) English, Physics, Chemistry, Bio
Optional Subject Comp Sc/Info Pract/Hindi/ Physical Edn 
Commerce with Mathematics Eng, Maths, Eco, B. St, Accountancy
Commerce without Mathematics

Eng, Eco, B. St, Accountancy

Optional Subject Hindi / Info Pract/Comp Sc/ Physical Edn
Humanities English, History, Geography, Eco
Humanities English, History, Geography, Hindi,
Optional Subject Physical Edn/IP/Hindi


Esprit De Corps “Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.” – Sachin Tendulkar Time and again our country has produced legends that have captured the world of sports. These homegrown champions continue to be an inspiration for us. Sports are an important aspect of students’ education in today’s times. The focus is on holistic development where they learn in class and on the field. Sports make...
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Art and Culture
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