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Tomato Festival


“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”


La- Tomatina is a festival of tomatoes celebrated since 1945 in Spain. The participants of this festival throw tomatoes at each other pleasurably for entertainment.

 We embrace it now in our field of education to become a part of other cultures so as to promote the feelings of brotherhood and also to make them experience the liveliness of it.It was celebrated with great zeal and fervor in Primary Wing of Army Public School, Delhi Cantt. on  August 20, 2019. Children of classes I to V displayed their creativity with great innovations through variety of tomato salads and sandwiches making competitions. Students also enjoyed making salsa dip preparation and spoke about the ingredients and recipes. They also participated in collage making activities, where students exhibited the different varieties of tomatoes worldwide. The best entries from each class were put on display. The students of entire Primary Wing were shown the relevant videos of the festival, providing them with knowledge ofvarieties of tomatoes available and also the various products made out of it.There was a relay race of tiny tots in the form of worksheets on tomatoes, where they had to draw, join and color the different images of tomatoes.

Overall, it was a display of nutritional creativity at its best. Tomato festival brought out the inherent taste of the children for food, coupled with the flair for art, creativity and language.

It was a great successful event appreciated by one and all which ended with full enthusiasm.






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Starts On : Wed- August 21, 2019
Ends On : Wed- August 21, 2019
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